Before you start voting for this wiki's next top 10 articles users are advised to read this list of the rules for voting in the top 10.

Remember to read each and everyone of them carefully.


1. Do not vote for your own article, voting for the new top 10 is suppose to be a friendly fun way to contributing to the site, you can only suggest your article to be voted for in the top 10 otherwise try to be fair to the other voters.

2. Absolutely no intimidating, manipulating, harassing users to vote for your article . This abuse of this wikia site as well as harassment and will result in a permanent ban from this site.Users can suggest their article before the voting takes place but that is the only exception.

3. Do not post unrelated or random things on the top 10 voters page, doing so will be considered vandalism and will result in a three day suspension form the site. If repeated it will eventually result in a permanent ban from the site.

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