Welcome to The Stygian Universe Wiki, a free creative writing site where people can create, and post their own horror stories and characters set in the aforementioned Stygian Universe. Feel free to explore the dark and mysterious corners of the Stygian Universe, but heed our warnings: Those that wander too far into its recesses of grotesquery and madness rarely come out intact.

Our Name

Stygian: The ancient and archaic word meaning dark, gloomy, and hellish (in reference from its origins derived from the mythological River Styx, which was said to flow from the world of the living to that of the dead).

An interpretation of the River Styx as etched by French artist Gustave Doré.

What We're About

This wiki is dedicated to the expansion of the Stygian Universe, the dark and foreboding reality of monsters, madmen, and the supernatural. We are a creative horror writing site that welcome users to add their own stories on established characters and the creation of new ones. Before doing so, however, one must read through our rules and standards before moving forward to expanding and improving this wiki.

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