The following note was found in the cell of a man whose name shall not be mentioned.

People think I’m crazy for saying these things, even though they are true. I CANNOT GET HIM OUT OF MY HEAD!!! The thing which shall forever haunt me, it is not human even though it pretends to be, it’s not a spirit, not a demon, it's more horrible and terrifying than that. What I saw in that alleyway that fateful night I would soon want to forget, it standing in the alleyway staring at me! GOD THE EYES!! He will come for me soon, I can feel it. It is not used to being denied its prey. There is only one escape from the terrifying fate that awaits me, but alas it is impossible. There is nothing to free me, no kindness in these unforgiving walls, only madness. Perhaps I am mad... Perhaps I did hallucinate it. I know deep down that it is not true. I had seen it, I can feel it coming for me even as I write this.


The man had been sent to an insane asylum for screaming about a creature with black eyes. It is unknown where the man’s whereabouts are since he supposedly escaped from his cell. Before this happened however the security camera inside his cell went black, but the audio recording device was still on: IT’S HERE!!!! HELP ME!!!! SAVE ME FROM ITS EYES…….. After that, there was only silence.


Hayden Larsen
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