Michael is an individual that was part of a group of paranormal investigators that included Wes, and Adam. Michael is now deceased along with Wes, and Adam whose body has not yet been found and is presumed to be another victim of Jack.


Michael born and raised in California and grew up with his childhood friends Wes, and Adam. The leader of the group, Michael was always giving orders to the group no matter if the situation called for it or not. His friends however tolerated this and they remained friends for many years up to their deaths. They were deep lovers of the paranormal and when they were fresh out of high school they tried to do their own paranormal investigation.


Hearing stories of a nearby abandoned hotel that was supposedly haunted by a cloaked figure that the locals called The Pale Thing. Intrigued by this Michael and his friends managed to borrow and buy equipment to aid them in their investigation. Using the equipment that they had bought and borrowed they began their investigation on October 5, 2009. However the investigation took a horrifying turn when their investigation had disturbed Jack who was also The Pale Thing. Jack slaughtered the group, Michael's and Wes' bodies were found several miles from the abandoned hotel in a dried up river bed. Michael's and Wes' bodies were horribly mutilated however Adam's body was never found.

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