The following account was from an ancient Greek transcript that was found near the mummified remains of a Roman soldier that was discovered in the foothills of Greece.

(Translated from the original Greek language manuscript) My squadron was ordered to pacify a group of rioters that were attacking Roman citizens in Jerusalem. When we were on our way I had briefly stopped for only a second when I realized that I had been abandoned by my comrades. Looking around to see if there was anyone that I could ask to see what direction that they had gone, I saw a single person covered in black cloth standing near a house his back was turned towards me. I called out to the man who stayed as he was. I asked him if he saw which direction my squadron had gone. The man never said a word and only nodded his head to signify that he had. I asked him which direction that they had went, again he never said a word and still with his back towards me, he pointed me to the direction that they had went. I thanked him for his help and left. My back was almost turned and out of the corner of my eyes I saw that the man had turned to watch me leave. What I saw was something that I will never forget: the man’s face was pale and no other features existed on its face with the exception of two large black eyes that would make even the mighty Jupiter cower in fear. I ran as fast as I could before I finally met up with my squadron. I never told them what had happened for fear that I would be discharged form my squadron, as if getting lost wasn’t enough.


Hayden Larsen
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